Monday, February 25, 2013

Why are you making chocolate pudding at 4am?

Because I've lost control of my life.
I'm almost at the age 12 year old me thought is the time that I'd have it all figured out. I thought I'd have a fantastic job and just like every little girl I pictured myself to grow up into an attractive lady. A definite no on the former and a debatable on the latter. And only because I've made a resolution to not see myself as an ugly hag even if there are times that I am. But I digress.

Saying that my current job sucks would be inaccurate. Not because it's great but because what is suck anyway? I've had worse. And there was a time that I didn't have any. What I have right now isn't perfect but it has it's perks. So, why do I feel miserable in it half the time?